g.o.d‘s Park Joon Hyung shared a friendly snapshot from SBS’ “Roommate” season two reunion party with his Instagram followers this weekend, proving that the cast is still very much keeping in touch!

The photo shows Lee Dong Wook and Jo Se Ho smiling brightly next to Park Joon Hyung, while their fellow cast members Nana, Park Min Woo, and Sunny look cute posing behind them. It appears that the dinner party was also attended by some “Roommate” producers and staff members.

Giving a shoutout to the roommates who were unable to make it, Park Joon Hyung writes on his Instagram, “Yo~ Lastnight hangin out with the Roommate fam was a blast~!!! Next time make sure u guys can make it too Jackson, YoungJi, RyoHei, KangJun and JongOk Nuna~ BBBAAAMMM~!!!”

Meanwhile, “Roommate” season two ended its run in April.