With the recent conclusion of the highly successful speed rowing special on the MBC variety show “Infinity Challenge,” it’s time to reflect on some of the people that made the whole challenge possible and one of those people is the coach, Kim Ji Ho.

The handsome and charismatic coach was responsible for seeing to it that the relatively below-average Infinity Challenge members were able to row an Eight (eight man rowing boat) without dunking themselves in the water.

In that regard, Kim did an excellent job and managed to train up the members in such a way that they were able to successfully finish their 2000m race at the STX Korea Open Regatta event.

In an exclusive interview with “Star Today” newspaper, Coach Kim Ji Ho described his involvement with Infinity Challenge. It began after he first heard about a chance given to coaches around the nation to appear on a variety show through the Rowing Association.

He was in constant praise for the members who described how they helped him eliminate his sense of burden “because the members are such great speakers and made me comfortable.” Even just before his first recording, he said that he “thought it was a dream”

Kim Ji Ho was especially full of praise for Yoo Jae Suk, describing him as the “Centre Axis” of Infinity Challenge and how after seeing Yoo Jae Suk’s professionalism, he believed that “Even if it’s not this field of work, he could be successful no matter what he did”

He also had a few words of praise for Park Myung Soo, stating that he was a “a really meticulous person” and how he would “Constantly comment after practice that he needed to leave to see his daughter”

The complete translated interview can be seen in the Soompi Infinity Challenge Thread.