For those who have always wanted to hear a male version of IU’s “Heart,” who better to fulfill that wish than Roy Kim!

Early in the morning on June 30, singer-songwriter Roy Kim shared a video through his personal YouTube, linking fans to his very own cover of “Heart.”

With just the strumming of a guitar combined with the singer’s soothing and calming voice, the cover will undoubtedly captivate your heart and ears. While IU’s original version earned much love from listeners, Roy Kim’s version also has a very distinct and enchanting charm of its own.

Meanwhile, “Heart” is a soft acoustic track written, composed, and produced by IU, with the help of Kim Jae Hwi. It is included in the official soundtrack for KBS’ much-loved drama “Producer,” in which Roy Kim also made a special cameo appearance.

Take a listen to the cover below:

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