Sounds like Roy Kim might want to be careful when alcohol is involved!

The singer and CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa appeared on the April 10 episode of JTBC’s “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator,” where Roy Kim talked about drinking. “My parents can’t handle alcohol very well so they avoid it. I get drunk easily, too,” he revealed.

He then confessed, “I partied with Davichi one time and they told me I started barking like a dog.” When the MCs questioned if barking was his drinking habit, he responded, “I don’t even remember it happening. I swear I don’t bark.”

The MCs then asked Roy Kim why his ideal type constantly changed. “I just see people on TV and then choose whoever I think is pretty at the time. It gets really uncomfortable whenever I actually run into them though,” he admitted.

“You’re talking about the look they give you when they know you like them, right?” chimed Jung Yong Hwa.

“Yes, that look!” Roy Kim affirmed, revealing, “After going through that awkward experience, I stopped answering questions about ideal types.”

“Then why don’t you answer it one last time. Who is currently your ideal type?” asked the MCs. “I think Kim Tae Ri is beautiful. I haven’t seen her in real life yet, and I’m hoping I won’t,” he comically answered.

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