It’s only been a few weeks since YG Entertainment officially confirmed that BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is about to make her solo debut, but the release date could be even closer than fans thought. Photos allegedly taken at Rosé’s music video set were recently posted on Instagram, and they give plenty of hints on what to expect!

The Instagram post came from J-World, a Korean company specializing in vehicles for celebrities. Featuring several photos of a shooting set, the post’s caption included the hashtags “#MusicVideo” and “#BLACKPINKRosé”. The Instagram photos have since been deleted, presumably because fans discovered them, but they’ve already been widely circulating social media.

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

As of yet, there’s no official confirmation from YG Entertainment on the status of Rosé’s music video shoot, but given that the photos came from a reputable company, many fans are convinced they’re definitely legit. Look closely, and you can also see a food truck in the background of one of the shots.

| @jworldvipcar/Instagram

It’s hard to tell, but fans think the photo on the truck is none other than this gorgeous shot of Rosé herself.

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

While Rosé doesn’t appear in any of the photos, they still drop plenty of hints as to what to expect from her solo debut music video. For one, fans noted the word “CAROL” atop one of the set buildings. Since the sign seems to have been created specially for the set, some BLINKs think it could be the title of Rosé’s solo song.

| @jworldvipcar/Instagram

Others think it could allude to the popular 2015 movie Carol, about a forbidden love between two women. Fellow member Jisoo once recommended the book it was based on to BLINKs.

Another notable photo features a white stretch limousine. While it’s possible that the limousine could just be transportation, it could also be a prop for the music video.

| @jworldvipcar/Instagram

Fans could be in for another emotional scene of Rosé driving just like she was in the “Kill This Love” music video.


More photos show a huge array of costume and styling pieces.

| @jworldvipcar/Instagram

Most are hidden under wrapping and bags, but a staff member can be seen arranging over a dozen pairs of high heeled shoes. The red pair closest to the photographer appears to be from Yves Saint Laurent, the brand for which Rosé is a global ambassador.

| @jworldvipcar/Instagram

Before it was deleted, the Instagram post also had a tagged location: Yangpyeong. Yangpyeong is a county just east of Seoul which is known for its idyllic river, picturesque gardens, and generally beautiful natural atmosphere. While the photos from J-World only feature an urban set, it’s possible part of the music video shoot could’ve taken place in a countryside setting too.


Plus, the caption said the shoot took three days and two nights, which means there could be nighttime scenes in the music video.

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

While the rumored photos don’t spoil everything that’s to come, they certainly have fans excited that Rosé is finally getting her time to shine as a soloist.