Song Ji Hyo earned the nickname “Ace” on “Running Man” because she is great at everything. However, in the latest episode of the variety program, the brave actress finally met her match.

On April 30, “Running Man” aired a segment covering Song Ji Hyo, HaHa, and Yang Se Chan’s trip to Taiwan. The team’s mission for the trip was to eat an array of exotic Taiwanese cuisines. At first, Song Ji Hyo showed no signs of weakness as she tackled a difficult dish made of duck blood.

However, the actress lost the battle when she faced stinky tofu, a traditional Taiwanese dish known for its distinct, pungent smell. Song Ji Hyo left viewers laughing after she tried stinky tofu. She commented, “This smells quite a bit,” while failing to maintain a straight facial expression.

Check out the latest episode of “Running Man” on Viki through the link below!

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