The latest episode of “Running Man” has recorded its highest ratings in over two years!

The SBS variety show experienced a period of low ratings earlier this year, coming in at its lowest ratings yet in the 2 percent range in April. This followed controversies late last year as well as several changes in the show, including Gary’s departure, a change in the main producing director, and the addition of Yang Se Chan and Jun So Min as cast members. However, the show’s made a comeback since that slump and recorded ratings in the 8 percent range in recent months.

The ratings have now soared even higher to a point that the show hasn’t since since 2015. According to Nielsen Korea on December 4, the December 3 episode of “Running Man” reached a national average household rating of 7 percent for the first part, and 10.3 percent for the second part. This is the first time the show has recorded ratings in the double digits since the October 25, 2015 episode, which reached 10.1 percent in the ratings.

The episode also came in first in its time slot among viewers aged 20 to 49, with 4.4 percent ratings for part one and 6.1 percent ratings for part two. This is particularly notable because it’s seen the most important index by advertisers.

The December 3 episode featured the “Running Man” cast undergoing a “Cage of Death” penalty in Australia, taking on extreme sports in New Zealand, Yoo Jae Suk causing a panic when he dropped a camera into a river full of crocodiles, and more.

Watch this episode of “Running Man” below!

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