In a recent interview with Hankook Ilbo, Super Junior’s Ryeowook talked about Super Junior as a group and his excitement for their promotions with Kyuhyun after his return from the army.

Ryeowook explained how his upcoming solo activities and his recent musical performances in Japan are “on the same page as Super Junior activities.” He explained, “I’ve liked singing since I was young, and I was able to pursue singing as a career due to Super Junior. Since Super Junior can showcase many aspects and isn’t a team that’s just limited to music, solo activities also count as one of Super Junior’s activities.”

Ryeowook shared that while in the military, he sent and received letters from the members. “I don’t think it’s easy for grown men to send hand-written letters, but it was really heartwarming,” Ryeowook said. He also added that he told Kyuhyun about his desire to work hard together after he’s finished with his service. He said, “I’m really excited for what Super Junior will showcase next year when Kyuhyun is finished with his service.”

Ryeowook commented, “Even when other members, including myself, weren’t present, Super Junior released albums as a group and promoted perfectly. We’ve always been complete to the point where we’re no longer sure what our ‘complete group’ looks like. However, I’m excited because next year, everyone will have finished their service, and we’ll be able to focus on our album.” Ryeowook went on to express his desires to connect with the public with a new song that can appeal to them even more than “Sorry Sorry” did.

Ryeowook said that he believes that continuously showing their group’s hard work through their various activities will be showing Super Junior’s true “complete” form.

Ryeowook’s second solo mini album “Drunk on Love” is due out on December 11. This will be his first comeback in three years after releasing “The Little Prince” in January 2016 and finishing his military service in July.

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