Ryu Hyoyoung recently held an interview after the conclusion of “Grand Prince” where she talked about her sister Ryu Hwayoung, success, and malicious comments.

The actress first talked about her twin sister Ryu Hwayoung. She shared, “It’s natural that people can’t tell us apart.” She laughed and said, “Even our mother gets us confused sometimes.” She continued, “If there are people who recognize me as Hwayoung, I just say, ‘Thank you.’ Even in articles, there are a lot of times when our names get mixed up. So now if I see it, I laugh. It must be hard for the reporters too.”

On fame and success, Ryu Hyoyoung commented, “When I was young, I wanted to quickly become a well-known top star. I thought it would be good if I earned a lot of money. But I think I started to mature when I was 25 years old. Now, I don’t obsess over things like that, and I just want to be an actress until the end, until I die. I’m learning what great happiness it is to do the work that I can, whether it’s being a top star or not.”

She added, “Between my sister and I, we always talk about who can be more successful. We always talk about not becoming attached [to fame] and being happy doing the things we want to.”

Ryu Hyoyoung also talked honestly about the malicious comments and rumors that surrounded her during the T-ara incident, where she and her sister were accused of bullying former member Areum. She shared, “Since I’m a person too, when I see reactions like that, I get upset. But [if you think about it], it all depends on me. I think that I’m the one that created the issue that had the potential to create misunderstanding. Right now, the rumors and malicious comments have mostly died down. Rather than think about things like that, I’m focusing on and looking towards the things I have to do in the future.”

The actress also talked about maturing with age. She commented, “When you’re young, you get swayed and shaken [by even the little things]. But when you’re older, I think you can become more firm. Won’t that mean I’ll become stronger as well?”

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