9/5/06 — Ryu Jin (34) and Lee Hye Sun (이혜선, 27)’s wedding will be held at the “Dynasty Hall” of Shilla Hotel (신라호텔) of Seoul on 10/29.

The bride Lee Hye Sun is currently working for an airline of Korea.  They met each other in 2000 and have been maintaining steady love relationship.  Ryu Jin states, “I was attracted by Hye  Sun’s bright appearance and fell in love with her.  I’ll always love her deeply.”  He adds, “From my recent drama ‘Really Really Like You’, I perceive the importance of the head of a household.  I want to live together with a person who I love.  Thus, I decide to propose and get married.”

After the wedding ceremony, the couple will enjoy their honeymoon in Maldives.  This couple plans to live in an apartment located at Sang-ahm-dong (상암동) of Seoul.

Ryu Jin has been performing in many dramas such as “Who’s My Love”, “Summer Scent”, “Oh! Must-Win Bong Soon Young”, “The Ballad of Suh Dong”, and “Really Really Like You”, well-known in Korea, Taiwan, Japan and China.