Actor Ryu Jun Yeol recently proved his duality when he showed how impressive his visuals are with both long and short hair.

| @ryusdb/Instagram

Lately, fans have watched him help popularize the trend of long hair for men…

| @ryusdb/Instagram

…and have fallen for his boyfriend material photos with the overgrown ‘do!

| @ryusdb/Instagram

However, after giving his hair a chop, he proved that he can rock any hairstyle.

Emerging with a fresh short haircut, fans are going crazy for the shift in his aura.

With a clean-cut vibe, he brings out his fresh and trendy visuals.

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Fans are left in awe of his good looks, many saying he became more “handsome and cool” after making the big chop.

| @ryusdb/Instagram

With both short and long hair, Ryu Jun Yeol is the man of our dreams!

| @ryusdb/Instagram