During an interview on January 16, actor Ryu Jun Yeol talked about his current film “The King,” and what it was like working with fellow actor Jo In Sung.

“Jo In Sung frequently approached me with open arms. There’s a limit to how much a rookie can do when it comes to approaching a senior. Fortunately, he came to me first and put in the effort to talk casually with me. From then on, we were able to talk to each other without any difficulty,” Ryu Jun Yeol said.

the king

Jo In Sung also supported Ryu Jun Yeol by giving him genuine advice and lending an ear. “Jo In Sung would listen to my worries and give me advice. Honestly, it’s hard for a rookie actor to just let out their emotions. You can’t really make the time to simply go and meet someone. However, Jo In Sung was always there to listen to my concerns and gave me a lot of advice,” Ryu Jun Yeol explained. “He told me, ‘You’re doing fine right now. It’s what’s up ahead that’s the problem. Don’t lose your original mindset as a motivated rookie.’”

After hearing Jo In Sung’s words of wisdom, Ryu Jun Yeol jokingly revealed what he thought to himself: “I guess the hardships I’m facing right now aren’t everything. There’s more to come.”

“The King,” which stars Jo In Sung, Jung Woo Sung, Kim Ah Joong, and Ryu Jun Yeol, was released on January 18 in Korea.

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