The character posters for “Money” have been unveiled!

“Money” is about a man named Il Hyun (Ryu Jun Yeol) who begins to work as a stock broker. His dream is to become rich. He meets a stock market scammer known as Beon Ho Pyo (Yoo Ji Tae) who asks him to help in a stock market scam. Meanwhile, Han Ji Cheol (Jo Woo Jin) works for the Financial Supervisory Service and has chased Beon Ho Pyo for a long time.

First, Ryu Jun Yeol looks like he has experienced a glamorous transformation in his poster. His poster reads, “Do you want to earn it?” and he raises expectations for his three-dimensional acting as he is drawn into the temptation of sweet money.

In his own poster, Yoo Ji Tae gives off a mysterious yet charismatic vibe in a sleek suit. His poster asks, “Do you want it?” and draws curiosity as to what kind of dangerous temptation he will attract Ryu Jun Yeol to.

Last but not least, the character poster of Jo Woo Jin shows him as a determined “hunting dog” of the Financial Supervisory Service. He is expected to create a tense atmosphere between the three by constantly digging around Ryu Jun Yeol and Yoo Ji Tae. His poster asks, “Do you want to catch it?”

The sweetness of money and success, the risky operations, and the enormous costs that follow are raising expectations about the unpredictable deals that will be drawn in the movie.

“Money” is coming to theaters in Korea sometime in March.

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