Actor Ryu Jun Yeol’s agency will be bringing necessary consequences for netizens who have defamed his character.

On April 21, the actor’s agency, C-Jes Entertainment, posted a notice on its official homepage and declared to take legal action against those posting malicious comments about the actor.

The agency stated, “We plan to deal with false rumors and offenses against the actor with the court. On February of last year, one netizen claimed that the actor was a part of a community site called ‘Ilbe’ and spread false rumors. Even after the post was deleted, false rumors about the actor sprouted from this incident.”

It further explained, “We reported to the police the various IP addresses that tried to sign up on ‘Ilbe’ in Ryu Jun Yeol’s name, but the amount of malicious comments and offensive posts increased. From now on, we will deal with netizens who defame Ryu Jun Yeol’s character by the law.”

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