Ryu Shi Won announced on his Japanese website that drama tour “2012 Spring Waltz with Ryu Shi Won,” which was scheduled on June 2, is now cancelled. The announcement stated, “Due to Ryu Shi Won’s ongoing drama filming schedule, he will not be able to participate in the event. We are very sorry for causing such inconvenience to the fans and asking for your understanding.” 

This drama fan tour was previously scheduled in April, but was delayed to June 2. A source said that Ryu Shi Won put much effort into this event and was excitedly looking forward to it. “2012 Spring Waltz with Ryu Shi Won” is known to serve dual purpose as Ryu Shi Won’s fan tour as well as a promotional event for his upcoming drama Channel A “Goodbye Dear Wife (Goodbye Manool).”

Although Ryu Shi Won and the sponsoring company of “2012 Spring Waltz with Ryu Shi Won” gave his busy filming schedule as a reason to cancel the event, many are suspecting that the decision has a lot to do with Ryu Shi Won’s personal life. On March 22, Ryu Shi Won’s wife filed for divorce. Although Ryu Shi Won announced that he will keep the family together, he has been affected greatly by this both psychologically and emotionally. 

Since Ryu Shi Won always thought very dearly of his fans, the cancellation of “2012 Spring Waltz with Ryu Shi Won” is now causing much anxiety among his fans. Ryu Shi Won always kept a close relationship with fans by holding big fan meeting events rather occasionally. However, some are worrying that the divorce trial might cause Ryu Shi Won to drift apart from his fans.  

Ryu Shi Won took some time off from filming “Goodbye Wifey” right after his wife filed for divorce and only recently got back to it. He plays the role of a mischievous husband who dreams of getting away from his wfie to pursue his first love in “Goodbye Wifey.” He is scheduled to participate in “Goodbye Wifey”s press conference on May 3. The show will start airing on May 7. 

Check out the teaser video of Ryu Shi Won’s upcoming drama “Goodbye Wifey” below.