Due to recent events Ryu Shi Won had stopped filming for his upcoming drama “Goodbye Dear Wife.” As we reported earlier, Ryu Shi Won’s wife “Jo Soo In” filed divorce papers on March 22. The two married in October, 2010 and have a daughter that was born on January 2, 2011.

A representative of the drama stated on April 12, “Ryu Shi Won is filming since yesterday once again. Although he is not psychologically stable, at the filming site he showed composure. Ryu Shi Won was completely absorbed in acting. He is doing his best to fulfill his responsibilities.”

A representative of Ryu Shi Won’s wife appeared on SBS show “Bae Ki Wan, Choi Young Ah, and Cho Hyung Gi’s Good Morning” and gave her position. Ryu Shi Won’s wife has demands for parental authority and custody. She also appears to be open to coming to an agreement.

Ryu Shi Won’s agency made an official statement on April 9 stating, “He has not agreed to the divorce and will do his best to protect the family.”

Ryu Shi Won’s Drama “Goodbye Dear Wife” is scheduled for a May 7 release.