Actor Ryu Shi Won‘s divorce mediation is getting more bitter as days go by. On April 13, Ryu Shi Won’s wife filed to sequestrate Ryu Shi Won’s villa, which is worth nearly 3 billion Korean won ($3 million USD), on top of 1 billion Korean won ($1 million USD). The legal counsel of Ryu Shi Won’s wife claimed that such provisional seizure is a part of divorce mediation and asked the press and Ryu Shi Won’s fans to not stretch the meaning of it.  

Many legal experts say that the provisional attachment is of reasonable amount, considering that Ryu Shi Won owns approximately ten billion Korean won ($10 million USD) in asset value. These experts are also carefully inferring that Ryu Shi Won’s wife is firmly determined to go through with the divorce on the fact that her request for provisional attachment was minutely prepared and carefully reviewed. 

Previously on April 22, Ryu Shi Won’s wife filed for divorce by herself. Her legal counsel announced, “She did not put down the grounds for divorce for Ryu Shi Won and his social status. Several media outlets reported that she ran away from home, but this is not true. She is currently staying at her mother’s place with her daughter, waiting for the case to come to its end.” The legal counsel added that she plans to agree on property rights and ownership within the usual, understandable degree.  

However, Ryu Shi Won is determined to stay in this marriage. His agency announced, “Ryu Shi Won never agreed to get divorced. He wants to resolve the problem through mature conversations with his wife. Although he is under divorce mediation, he will do anything it takes for him to keep the family together.”

If Ryu Shi Won and his wife fail to find some kind of consensus in this dispute, they must go through a divorce trial to determine the distribution of property, alimony payment, and custody of their daughter.