During his guest appearance on KBS2’s “Happy Together,” actor Ryu Soo Young was the definition of love itself when he started to talk about his wife, Park Ha Sun.

When the other guests and cast members congratulated him on his recent marriage, he shyly started off, “It hasn’t been that long. We got married on January 22.”

Curious to know more details, the others questioned, “What is the best part of the honeymoon phase?”

Ryu Soo Young revealed that he particularly loves the moment he gets off work and goes home. “Right now, it still [feels like] a date even when I go home,” he explained, while commenting that he feels like he only hears negative things about marriage. The affection doesn’t stop there, as the actor continued, “We [kiss each other goodbye] in front of the elevator.”

He went on to discuss how it felt like a universe had been created just for them, a place he can always return to, saying, “Even if we go on vacation, and even if the world were to fall apart because of a meteorite attack, that place [by my wife’s side] could feel like home.”

Check out the full episode below and see for yourself exactly how happy he was to be able to talk about Park Ha Sun!

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