Rapper San E recently sat down with news outlet Daily Sports for an honest interview about his recent stint on “Show Me the Money 4,” and his relationship with various rappers like Song Mino, B-Free, and Black Nut, who have all dissed him in the past.

When asked whether he would consider joining “Show Me the Money 5” if it were to air, he firmly said, “No. Even if my mom begs me to go on, I won’t. I think it would be good for them to create a new image with even funnier people. I’ve earned a lot from ‘SMTM4.’ It also gave me a chance to look back at myself. Before, I only tried to protect what I had, but I couldn’t let it go. But the show helped me let everything go, and I’m thankful for that. I was able to improve, and change all the opinions I had about myself.”

He was also asked about the disses he’s received from rappers like Black Nut, Mino, and B-Free. On Black Nut’s diss, he said, “He’s so honest. I wasn’t angry. It was such a good diss, even afterwards [Verbal Jint] and I discussed how good it was. […] I can still remember the look in Black Nut’s eyes.”

On the other rappers who have dissed him, he said, “I didn’t even know Mino dissed me when it happened. I was only focused on our team’s performance. I only found out when the writer told me. I didn’t feel all that good but we made up afterwards. We had a drink over some food, and he was such a nice guy. I was almost angry that I found out about that so late. He was actually a polite, fragile guy, but the program has put him on the edge. I also exchanged numbers with B-Free at the dinner. I don’t think you can advance if you only cling to the past. I didn’t expect an apology from B-Free, and we had a sincere talk as men. We talked about our feelings and it felt really nice.”

San E will also be MC-ing the upcoming female rapper competition show “Unpretty Rapstar 2.

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