Fans of Sandara Park were recently concerned about her thyroid gland when she appeared on MBC‘s Video Star with a swollen neck.

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After seeing the condition of her neck, many fans raised their concerns regarding her health, but Sandara Park responded to fans’ worry in a recent radio appearance on SBS Power FM’s Sohyun’s Love Game Radio.


On the show, Sandara Park confirmed that she received a checkup a month ago, and she has absolutely no problems with her thyroid gland.

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She also added that she was caught off guard when her health became a hot topic of conversation one day.

All of a sudden, so many people were worried that it was even on the news. So even people who didn’t know anything suddenly thought I had health problems.

— Sandara Park


And while there were no issues, Sandara Park hesitated to clarify at first because there was nothing to address.

I felt iffy clarifying the rumors, but I figured I should announce it for my fans.

— Sandara Park


Furthermore, Sandara Park even explained why her neck looked more swollen, raising concerns among fans.

It’s not that it’s swollen. Apparently, my neck muscles are just bigger than average.

— Sandara Park

| @daraxxi/Instagram

According to Sandara Park, her health is so normal that the doctor asked why she came back.

I didn’t need to get a checkup, but I did it anyway. And the statement confirming I’m healthy will be released on Video Star.

— Sandara Park


Check out the full clarification below: