On the most recent episode of SBS’s “Running Man,” Sandara Park misses out on a golden opportunity to answer a question tailored just for her.

In the episode airing on April 9, the cast and guests of “Running Man” were split into three teams to answer quiz questions. The catch was that they had to ride a toddler-sized scooter to the finish line and pick up the phone in order to answer the question.

The first question in the game asked, “Sandara Park and her brother are both active as celebrities. What is the name of her brother?” As soon as the question came up, everyone raced towards the finish line, with Sandara Park and HaHa in the lead.  However, to Sandara Park’s disappointment, HaHa beat her to the finish line and answered, “Thunder.”

To add to Sandara Park’s disappointment in missing out on the question, Yoo Jae Suk jokingly commented, “Sandara, this question was made for you. Why didn’t you answer it?”

Afterwards, the singer-turned-actress finally got the opportunity to answer a question. However, she incorrectly answers it and as a punishment, gets her face covered in flour.

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