Sandara Park talked about her kiss scene with Lee Min Ho in her 2010 solo music video for “Kiss.”

On the February 18 broadcast of tvN’s “Seoulmate 2,” Sandara Park, Kim Sook, and Kim Young Chul were en route to Manila in the Philippines.

In the car, Kim Sook asked about “Kiss,” which she came across while browsing on her phone, and Sandara Park said, “It’s my one and only solo track. I had a kiss scene with Lee Min Ho.”

Watching the music video in the car, Sandara Park commented that Lee Min Ho is incredibly popular in the Philippines. “He’s one of the top male celebrities here.” Kim Sook asked their Filipina hosts, and they also agreed.

Sandara Park said, “At the end [of the music video], I kiss [Lee Min Ho] for revenge. It was when I was a rookie and didn’t know anything.”

“We did it 50 times. Because I didn’t know.” She joked, “I was a rookie, and there were so many people… I wasn’t able to really feel the kiss.”

Watch the “Kiss” MV:

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