2NE1’s Sandara Park revealed a funny photo of herself photoshopped as Mona Lisa! She garnered much attention for uploading this photo shortly after MBLAQ released their new title track “Mona Lisa.” As you may all know, her brother Thunder is a member of MBLAQ.

Yesterday, Sandara posted on her me2day the following photo, along with the message “Trying the make the Mona Lisa face~ So which Mona Lisa face do you think the blackies (referring to MBLAQ fans as the fan club is named Black Jack) are talking about?”

She also revealed four photos of herself as Mona Lisa with the description “#1! Cute frowning Ssana Lisa! Sexy Ssana Lisa? Goofy~ cute teasing Ssana Lisa? Or lastly the serious Ssana Lisa?”

The revealed photos feature various looks of Ssana Lisa, such as her frowning, winking, sticking her tongue out, and contemplating. Sandara Park added, “I wonder which Mona Lisa face that they are referring to? Which one looks best on em? My faces are so hilarious.”

Fans have shown various reactions to these humorous set of photos, commenting “cute and hilarious,” “You look good in whatever you do,” “If you even get rid of eye brows that would be epic,” “The serious Ssana Lisa is the best.” Meanwhile, MBLAQ will make their comeback with their new title track “Mona Lisa” on July 14th.