Though Chu Sarang and Yuto are an adorable couple, they do not let their love sabotage their competitiveness.

On the episode of KBS 2TV’s “Superman Returns,” which will air on June 21, Sarang and Yuto hold a very competitive race. The two raced on a previous episode when they visited a PE class, with Sarang winning the equally fiery match.

After a fair game, both argue that they are the winner, holding their hands up high when asked who won. Even at the starting line, the tension between the two is evident as they give a warm up scream beforehand. Though the two run at about the same speed, they have very different running styles—while Sarang is all over the place as she whirls her arms around, Yuto sticks to the principles of running.

Catch the results of the running match on the episode of “Superman Return” that will air on June 21.

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