A Chinese sasaeng fan broke into actor Jo In Sung‘s home and caused quite the ruckus.

According to a media outlet on September 30, “Seoul Songpa Police arrested 31-year-old Chinese citizen ‘A’ for breaking and entering into Jo In Sung’s house.”

According to the outlet, ‘A’ broke into Jo In Sung’s house at around 12:20 a.m., after which ‘A’ caused a scene, yelling for the actor to come out. When the door opened, ‘A’ went inside, and resisted when Jo In Sung’s family tried to get ‘A’ to leave.

During questioning, ‘A’ said, “I’ve been a fan of Jo In Sung since two years ago,” and “The door opened so I went inside. I got bruised when Jo In Sung’s family pulled my arm to get me to leave.”

Police are still questioning ‘A.’

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