Say good-bye to July with a last look at JYJ member and solo artist Junsu/XIA’s photo shoot for the July issue of Marie Claire.  Earlier this month, Junsu released the music video for his new single “Incredible” from his second solo album “Incredible.”  Junsu’s second album “Incredible” topped iTune music charts in Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Kazakhstan.  Tickets for the Seoul concert dates of Junsu’s second world tour sold out in 15 minutes.  Junsu is also featured in a video interview on Grammy’s website (it is currently the number 1 trending video—look for the sidebar on the interview section).             

At the photo shoot, Junsu’s playlist to get him in the mood for work included Bruno Mars, Taio Cruz, the Foo Fighters, Calvin Harris, Adele, and Jason Mraz.  In a departure from the flamboyant concept of his new single, Junsu is dressed chicly and simply in elegant surroundings.  The photo shoot displayed Junsu’s quiet charm and sweet looks.  Junsu also gave an interview (which was before the release of his new single and album). 

Junsu on his current state of mind: “Last year, when I released my first solo album “Tarantallegra,” the pressure I felt was huge.  Even just by myself, it was the first time, but because, within JYJ, it was the first time anyone did solo activities, I really wanted to have a good start.  After releasing my album and doing a world tour, my thinking changed from being worried to gaining a boundless energy.  I also gained self-confidence.  When I released my first album, the thing I needed was courage.  Now, my ambition is stronger.”    

Junsu on his three-month break: “Thankfully, my on/off switch is certain.  When I work, and when I rest, it is clearly different.  I had three months where I rested.  During that rest time, I wrote songs, and traveled to Maldives.  With four men!  But even going with just the guys, it was so much fun.  I came back to life in the waters there.  I can’t even describe the color of the water.  I like vacation spots as opposed to city areas.  I like scenery that has ocean, sunsets, and palm trees. ” 

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