On April 19, SBS posted clips of the 188th episode of “Comedy Hunter” on YouTube. However, one clip in particular received more attention.

The video, which featured the segment “Legend Match” (tentative title), contained a description that said “Hong Hyun Hee’s failed makeup – How are we expected to bear it?” In the sketch, Hong Hyun Hee plays a character who is preparing for a comedian performance test despite her father’s disapproval. When her mother brings her out to see him, Hong Hyun Hee appears in blackface. While previous episodes of the sketch usually feature the comedienne wearing silly outfits such as a cyclops costume, this week’s segment shocked international fans for its portrayal.

In response, international viewers took to Twitter and YouTube to express their thoughts:

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Korean entertainment has portrayed blackface. It remains to be seen whether the international outrage will push SBS to make an official statement or an apology.

Thanks to Duizhang_jjigae for the tip!