A still cut was recently released from “The Village” (“The Village: Achiara’s Secret”), showing BTOB‘s Yook Sungjae with his investigative hat on.

In SBS’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama special “The Village,” Yook Sungjae plays the role of Park Woo Jae, a rookie cop. Because of his kind-hearted nature, he runs lots of small errands around the village even though his true desire is to be a cop. With the sudden task at hand of getting to the bottom of a mysterious dead body, he shows off his sharp reasoning ability, and when the forensic results line up with his reasoning, he becomes extremely excited, exhilarated by his job for the first time.

About acting the part of Woo Jae, Yook Sungjae comments, “I’ve become suspicious of everything these days,” and adds, “Woo Jae has wanted to be involved in an investigation for so long. Since the discovery of the body, he is passionately wrapped up in the investigation and is completely focused. In order for me to express Woo Jae’s desire to be a good cop, I’m studying hard by watching lots of different mystery dramas.”

The production crew comments, “Woo Jae is a pure character and he will show passion for his work. When he’s investigating, he will reveal a very sharp side of him, as if he’s been possessed by Sherlock Holmes. Woo Jae is the only person in the village who is excited about the discovery of a dead body. Please tune in to find out what he goes through as a rookie cop to reveal the truth.”

As the followup drama to “Yong Pal,” the first episode of “The Village” will air on October 7.

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