Hyori won this week’s Inkigayo with “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”. Rain also picked up his belated Mutizen with the song “Love Song” from the 4th week of April. SNSD and 2AM also both performed their goodbye stages for their songs.

Watch the Performances!

2010.05.02 Performers List
# Comeback Special #
Lee Hyori “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” + “I’m Back”
2PM “Without U” + “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop”
# TAKE 7
Bi “Love Song”
Beast “Shock”
After School “Bang!”

# Fresh Music #
Jerry ft Ha Joo Yeon “Love”
U-Kiss “What”

# Hot Music
Epik High “Run”
K Will ft Junhyung “Gift”
Defconn ft Goo Ji Sung “레퍼들이헤어지는방법”
F.Cuz “No One”
December “Learned to Love”

# Goodbye Stage #
SNSD “Run Devil Run” + “Oh!”
2AM “I Did Wrong”

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