After an unexpected absence last week due to an overtime baseball game in Korea, Inkigayo is back this week! 2NE1 was the winner of last week’s show. SHINee managed to pull out a win this week with “Hello”. Lets see if they can hold on next week with the strong competition this month.

Today’s show was also a comeback special with 2PM, miss A, Younha, U-Kiss and Ga-In performing their new songs for the first time on the show. 

Awesome lineup today with 2PM, SHINee, 2NE1, BoA, Se7en, U-Kiss, BEAST, Younha, Ga-in, Son DamBi, Co-Ed, Nine Muses, Sori and Dalmatian.

Today’s Winner

Last Week’s Winner

# comeback special #
2PM – Intro+I’ll Be Back

miss A Breathe


Younha One Shot

U-Kiss Shut Up

# Solo hot debut #


# Goodbye special #

Son Dam Bi Queen + dB rider

# TAKE 7 #
Go Away

SHINee Hello


BoA – Copy & paste


# Hot Music #
I’m going crazy

Dalmatian Round 1

Co-Ed Too Late


# Fresh Music #
You’re Not My Style

Nine Muses Ladies


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