SBS “K-Pop Star” allowed their contestants to have some free time after nearly two months. All of the contestants are currently living in their provided dormitories and are not allowed outside. On April 10, Park Jimin was allowed her personal time and went to her school in Daejun to meet her friends. It had been nearly two months since having her personal time since February 6.

Park Jimin’s appearance was a big treat for her school friends. Park Ji Min couldn’t move for nearly 30 minutes because she was surrounded by her fellow students. Then Park Ji Min spent some brief time with her close friends.

Baek Ayeon performed for the people that helped her heal from her lymphoma when she was younger. Lee Ha Ee met her middle school music teacher who was in charge of the band club. Lee Seung Hoon was busy preparing in JYP’s studio when he received a surprise visit from his friends.

The production team of SBS “K-Pop Star” stated, “All of these individuals are still young and for nearly two months they have been practicing hard and competing. We prepared this special event for the Top 4 who have overcome such a difficult time.” 

Here are clips of the TOP 4 from last week: (Lee Seung Hoon’s is missing because of copyright issues) 

Park Ji Min:

Baek Ayeon:

Lee Hai: