As we reported earlier, for the final mission of the last episode of “SBS K-Pop Star” the two finalist contestants will do something interesting. The mission is for the final contestants Park Jimin and Lee Hai to sing songs that made each other famous. Park Jimin will sing Duffy’s “Mercy” while Lee Hai will sing Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.”  

However, the Korean public and also the Korean music industry have issue with the fact that “SBS K-Pop Star” is closer to “SBS Pop Star.” Besides

Korean Ilbo” criticized the final mission because the contestant Park Jimin has basically continued to sing pop songs throughout the show. A reporter stated that “It is a shame that they are ending the show with Pop, when the show itself has gained so much momentum. Did they really have to end the show with the record of having the youngest winner of an audition show, with pop songs?”