SBS “K-Pop Star” has been one of the hottest audition programs lately, growing its TV rating every week to reach nearly 20% last week. The show’s broadcaster SBS has sure taken note of it and has decided to expand its airtime to two hours for the next two episodes.

According to SBS, “K-Pop Star” will air for 120 minutes starting from March 4, when the show goes live for the first time. For now, SBS has confirmed to keep it 120 minutes until the March 11 episode.

Therefore, “Running Man” will begin at 4:50PM KST, allowing “K-Pop Star” to start at 6PM KST. Because of this change in time, SBS “Inkigayo” will also be forced to switch its broadcasting time.

Meanwhile, “K-Pop Star” finalized on its Top 10 contestants last week. Starting from this week, it will hold a live broadcast where one contestant will get eliminated every week. So far, online polls show Lee Ha Ee as the leader among all contestants to take the final crown, but there are so many talented singers, it’s hard to predict any clear front runner at this point.

In case you haven’t seen it, check out one of the most soulful performances by Lee Ha Ee below!