The contestant Lee Seung Hoon is famous on “SBS K-Pop Star” for his creativity, funny rap lyrics, and comical skills. Lee Seung Hoon received recognition from the judges for his skills in creating choreography. It looks like he even made choreography in the past for BIGBANG’s G-Dragon!

In a recent interview Lee Seung Hoon stated, “I like all the music from YG Entertainment associated acts. One time, I heard that G-Dragon was looking for a choreography team for his performance. I was the choreography team leader. When I was making the choreography I threw in all my ideas. It was a flash mob performance and I couldn’t believe later that G-Dragon was dancing to my choreography.”

He continued by saying, “I don’t know if G-Dragon remembers, but it was very important experience for me. I recently read an interview where G-Dragon said that his eyes are on me for ‘SBS K-Pop Star,’ that made me extremely happy.”