The production team of SBS’s Star King released an official apology for the controversy they caused over misrepresenting Muslims during their August 13th broadcast.

On August 19th, the team release a statement titled “We apologize for our description about the Muslim culture“, which was uploaded onto the show’s official website. It has translated into English and Arabic.

In the statement stated, “August 13th’s broadcast featured a segment called ‘18 year old girl from Saudi Arabia, Ruby’s dream’. While introducing the guest, some content could’ve been viewed as if we were belittling Saudi Arabian religion and traditions. We sincerely apologize.

They also added, “We only wished to emphasize the guest’s desire for singing and did not have any intentions to belittle the Muslim culture. We will take extreme caution  from now on so that we don’t bring any further misunderstandings over our depictions and interpretations of different religions and cultures featured in our program..

In the said segment, it aired footage of a man dressed as an Arab threatening MC Kang Ho Dong while holding a rifle. The international viewers of the show have expressed their concern on SBS Twitter and YouTube channel regarding on this. 

They also have stopped providing replay service of August 13th broadcast online and cable channel until they finish editing.

[UPDATE] Mighty Mouth‘s Shorry J released a statement through his twitter. “A thousand apologies for my behavior on starking show.” “I didn’t mean that Arabians are terrorists. Please don’t get me wrong.” “I’m not racist and I have no prejudice feelings against the Arabian culture. Sorry for my disrespectful behavior once again.” As he played a scripted role, Shorry J does not want to communicate wrong messages to Star King viewers.

Source : @SBSNOW + @soddong01