A photo that captured JYJ Junsu’s sasaeng fans is becoming a hot topic. ( Sasaengis term for the obsessive fans who follow their favorite celebrities day and night. This is similar to the term “stalker.”)

On an online community forum, a post titled, “I Got Goosebumps” was made that contained a certain photo. In the photo, JYJ’s Junsu is at a restaurant, posing with a fellow co-star from his current musical, “Elizabeth.” Upon first glance, it may seem like a normal picture.

However, if you look closely, you can see the swarm of sasaeng fans pressed up against the window of the restaurant. They are peering in, watching Junsu’s every move. If you look closer, you can even see many of them recording the scene with their phones or cameras.

This photo is especially garnering attention due to the recent allegations of JYJ physically abusing their sasaeng fans.

Netizens who saw this picture commented, “I was so terrified after seeing this,” “They look like zombies,” “Aren’t they stalkers?” “Junsu is going to get a heartburn,” “They might just be there to watch a celebrity,” “They are all sasaeng fans? I don’t believe it…” “This is shocking,” and many other diverse reactions.

Meanwhile, JYJ had left to South America on March 5 for their concerts in Peru and Chile.