SBS funE’s “School Attack 2018” has apologized after coming under fire for placing cameras around a certain school’s classrooms without students’ prior knowledge.

On September 10, the program went to an all-girls middle school for its episode with NCT Dream.

After filming, one student from the school uploaded a post on their social media account and said, “We filmed a ‘School Attack’ episode at my school today, but there was a camera on top of the speakers. There were a lot of girls who changed their clothes before we even found [the camera].”

Afterwards, “School Attack 2018” posted on their official Twitter, “In order to film the reactions of students during the shooting that day, we asked for cooperation from the school and installed cameras in some of the classrooms. Although we did go ahead with filming, after coming to the conclusion that it could cause psychological inconveniences, we inform you that we’ve finished deleting the footage of all the cameras installed in the classrooms under the observation of a teacher from the school.”

They continued, “From now on, in order to gift students with only good memories, we will become a more careful and thoughtful ‘School Attack.’”

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