Raina once again talked about her fellow After School member Lee Ga Eun and her mother’s role in her career.

On September 13, Raina appeared on KBS CoolFM’s “Moon Hee Jun’s Music Show” to promote as a solo artist with her new song “It’s Okay,” which dropped on August 27.

During the broadcast, DJ Moon Hee Jun remarked, “I heard that you came here when you were a high school senior to become a singer and auditioned multiple times throughout two years.” He then asked, “Which agency was it?” to which Raina responded, “It was JYP. To be honest, my mom’s influence was the greatest. She said, ‘[Train] under Park Jin Young. The way [I] see it, Park Jin Young is the best.’”

She also talked about Mnet’s “Produce 48,” in which Lee Ga Eun, Raina’s fellow After School member, appeared as a contestant. She said, “Ga Eun is After School’s youngest member. I’m really close to Ga Eun. We’ve gone on trips together, and we visit each other’s homes often. Because we’re doing our own promotions, I’ve grown more fond of the members.”

Raina previously showed her support for Ga Eun and stated that she was Raina’s top pick.

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