On July 14th’s episode of MBC’s “Heartstrings,” Lee Shin (Jung Yong Hwa) attended his father’s funeral. His father was an alcoholic who had been hospitalized as a terminally ill patient. Lee Shin was introduced to him by his mother Song Ji Young (Lee Il Hwa) as “a famous guitarist in the past,” but he could sense that he was his father.

Lee Shin would go visit his father from time to time to talk about musical topics and also ask him for dating tip. However, one day his father had difficulty breathing and was hospitalized in critical condition. Since that day, Lee Shin turned away after seeing the sign “No visitors allowed.” 

A couple days later, Lee Shin saw his father’s face in a photo at the funeral. The bereaved family handed him a score and a guitar. He expressed he knew about his biological father by asking his mother Song Ji Young, “Do those people know who we are? Do you think alcoholism is hereditary?”

That night, Lee Shin played the guitar while looking at the last score that his father wrote, as Song Ji Young drank alone in the living room.

Source: TV Report