It has been reported that Se7en and Sangchu have been sentenced to a 10-day detention in military jail along with five others.

On July 25, the Ministry of National Defense announced that seven celebrity soldiers will be receiving a 4 to 10 day detention in jail.

Out of those celebrity soldiers, Se7en and Sangchu received the most severe punishment of a 10 day detention due to violating the military conduct by visiting adult massage parlors after a concert on June 21.

The other five celebrity soldiers received a four day jail time sentence for carrying in their personal cell phones without any notice. One soldier received a disciplinary probation time of 10 days for leaving the base on his own after the concert was over.

The detention time will not be taken out of the enlistment period so the soldiers will have to serve the days that they have missed from their duties.

Previously, the Ministry of National Defense announced that the celebrity soldier recruiting system will be abolished. All soldiers serving as a celebrity soldier have been relocated and reassigned.