Se7en is finally coming back.

Se7en, who ceased activities in Korea to debut in the US in 2006 is releasing a new album in the coming spring for the first time in 4 years. Fans became excited when Se7en revealed last year that he was preparing for a comeback. However, a definite date had not been given. The reason for his delayed comeback was because he had not been active in Korea for a long time and wanted to raise the quality of the album. At present, Se7en is preparing his album together with famous Korean songwriters and if things go according to plan, fans will be able to get their hands on the new album in May or June.

A spokesperson from Se7en’s management company, YG entertainment, said “The comeback date will depend on the format and various musical aspects of the album. It is scheduled somewhere between May and June,” and “At present, 50% of the album has been completed. It will not take much longer.”

Se7en’s comeback is not only attracting alot of attention from fans but also from people within the industry. This is because many are curious as to whether his comeback will be successful in this new age of idol groups.

After his comeback, Se7en plans to resume activities not only in Korea but also in Japan at the same time.

(Original korean article from Nate news, photo courtesy of Newsen, translated by Cecilia)