Se7en had a chance encounter with soccer superstar David Beckham. On the February 28 episode of SBSStrong Heart,” Se7en talked about his encounter with David Beckham. Se7en said, “I was at a water park in the U.S. I was waiting in line when I saw a group that wasn’t in line.” Gradually, others started saying “David?” and started making a commotion. Se7en continued, “David Beckham was right in front of me. He came in front of me with his three kids with him. He was so cool.” But then he added, “I should have gone first,” causing the audience to burst out in laughter. To this, another participant said, “So, you mean that Beckham cut in line, right?,” causing Se7en and the other participants to burst into laughter once more.

Se7en is currently having success with his song “When I Can’t Sing” and has even released a Japanese song “Somebody Else” this past January.