Se7en, who has made his first appearance on a variety show in 3 years, imitated Yang Hyun Suk’s hip hop dance moves.

On the 15th August, Se7en, Son Dam Bi and Kim Shin Young made special guest appearances on the SBS variety show ‘Running Man’.

During the show, the members divided into 2 teams : the “Adults” team and the “Children” team. They made their way to the Seoul landmark, the Namsan Tower where they carried out missions.

In the middle of the show, there was a segment where they drank coffee where Yoo Jae Suk asked Kim Jong Gook, who had imitated Yang Hyun Suk the previous week and created a big topic, to imitate YG again in front of Se7en. Kim Jong Gook got up, slightly embarrassed and performed the dance again, giving everyone lots of laughs. Se7en followed and got up, also imitating YG’s dance as well as showing his famous ’7′ dance and wave, attracting the other members’ cheers and responses “It is indeed Se7en”

Source: Newsen

Translated by Cecilia; Se7en Blog

Below are some highlight cuts from the show, english subbed! Check them out!





(subbed by Cecilia)