Se7en returned to lively boyhood during a photoshoot for 1st Look Magazine. In one of the revealed pictures, Se7en has a lollipop in his mouth and looking at the camera rather rebelliously and yet, curiously. In another photo, he looks ready for an exciting adventure, holding a skateboard on his shoulder. 

During the interview that was conducted along with the photo shoot, Se7en expressed pride in his career. He said, “I am proud of everything I’ve done as a solo performer, singing and dancing all at the same time by myself, for the past 10 years.” He also revealed his hopes in pursuing something more than an onstage career. “I hope to establish my own entertainment company in the future. I want to raise solo performers like myself.” 

Se7en also briefly talked about his international career. He plans on releasing a single in Japan sometime in late April. He explained, “I am more interested in communicating with my fans than being successful in pursuing my career internationally. i just want to show my performance to people all over the world. Along with my Japanese career, I am planning on doing Asia tour.” 

Moreover, Se7en commented on being a CEO himself. Currently, he owns a small restaurant business. He revealed that entrepreneurship suits him very well, as he himself has to be deeply involved in the business, making important decisions and leading his employees. He commented, “Now that I’m a CEO myself, I understand YG.” Se7en also plays a crucial role within YG Entertainment as a board member. Everyone at YGE calls him “Director Choi” and asks for his opinion whenever there is a major board meeting.

Wrapping up the interview, Se7en was asked, “You’re now 29 years old. How does it feel like to be an adult?” Se7en answered, “It’s not much different from when I was 20. Even as I mature, I still want to hold onto the innocence of a boy.” 

The full interview and more pictures of Se7en are featured in the April issue of 1st Look Magazine. Please check out the video clip below to glimpse at them!