Se7en spoke candidly about his long-time girlfriend, actress Park Han Byul on SBS’ “Strong Heart,” which aired on April 3.

Of his girlfriend, Se7en revealed, “After being with someone for 10 years, there are definitely changes in the relationship.” He continued, “When we first became a couple, and we would go to watch movies together, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the movie because I would be busy thinking about her and directing my attentions to her. But now, [after 10 years] when we go to the movies, we actually watch the movie.”

Even planning special romantic events have taken the back seat. “When we were first dating, on Valentine’s Day, Park Han Byul crafted handmade chocolates for me that were shaped like lips. She even prepared special gifts for me.”

But after 10 years of coupledom, things took a different turn: “On Valentine’s Day this year, I met Park Han Byul, and we went out to eat beef bone stew. We actually didn’t realize it was Valentine’s Day and just focused on the stew.”

Se7en and Park Han Byul recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary together and Soompi readers unanimously commented that the couple should “just get married already!” Maybe we can expect a star-studded wedding this year?