Se7en sent words of encouragement to Lee Seung Hoon, who is currently competing in SBS’ “K-Pop Star.”

Se7en left a message on his personal Twitter account on March 19, which read, “I enjoyed watching Lee Seung Hoon singing ‘When I Can’t Sing’ on ‘K-Kop Star.’ I wish you would have as much confidence when you are singing or rapping as you do when you are dancing. Even if you are eliminated, I hope you perform without regrets, and GOOD LUCK to you!”

Lee Seung Hoon had picked Se7en has his role model and performed the singer’s recent hit, “When I Can’t Sing,” on the March 18 episode of “K-Pop Star.” Lee Seung Hoon was able to make it to the next round with this performance.

Here is a clip of the performance:

Video credits to Youtube uploader