Se7en appeared on SBS “You and I” and talked about his 11 year-long relationship with girlfriend Park Han Byul. Se7en was asked what he would do when put in a situation where the girlfriend has cappuccino on her upper lip just like Ha Ji Won did in “Secret Garden.”

In the drama, Hyun Bin asked “Why do girls do that?” and wiped the foam off Ha Ji Won’s face by kissing her. 

Se7en answered with a joke, “If it was at the beginning of the relationship, I would just giver her a napkin. If it happened during the hype of love and romance, I would kiss her like Hyun Bin did. However right now, after 11 years, I probably wouldn’t care much and just continue drinking my own cup of coffee.” 

Se7en was also asked what he would do if he got caught by Park Han Byul while on a blind date with someone else. Se7en nonchalantly responded, “Just thinking about it makes me shudder. I mean, it could be that I’m fluttered by the new experience, but it is probably because I’m scared.”  

A long relationship is only possible if the couple trusts each other wholeheartedly. On the topic of affairs, Seven commented that both an emotional and physical affair would be hurtful. He added, “In my case, I think it is worse and more hurtful if you are emotionally involved with someone else.”