Se7en appeared on “Knee Drop Guru’, a corner of the MBC show Golden Fishery on August 18th. Se7en has come back after 3 years and through his guest appearance on the show, he revealed stories from his pre-debut days which he had never talked about, talked about his girlfriend Park Han Byul, and his experience in the US.

Optimistic, bright, pure – there are many words which can be used to describe Se7en. He showed this personality when he answered the question “What dream do you have for your future?” He answered, “I want to be able to create an environment where I can do the things I like.”  Se7en’s response was different from many other celebrities who might have answered, “I am going to keep acting til I die” or “I want to continue as a singer until I am 70”. He spoke of his dreams as the person Choi Dong Wook, rather than as the singer Se7en.

During the show, he talked about how after his relationship with his girlfriend Park Han Byul became known, the members from his fan cafe dropped by 100000 members. Even so, on the show, he referred to his girlfriend as “Byul ah” and did not hide his affection for her when he confessed his gratitude and love for her. Even though the message was directed to Park Han Byul, his honesty and manly attitude moved the hearts of many female viewers.

It is difficult for celebrities to admit to their love relationships, but even harder for a male singer with thousands of young female fans to confess his love in such a way. His courage is to be applauded. This also showed the humane side of Se7en, who has dealt with the situation in a dignified way.

Following the broadcast of the show, at 3am on the 19th, Se7en left a message on his fan cafe saying “Watching the show, the first thought that entered my head…was how our Lucky Se7en would look at me..and I am sad that I was only able to express my gratitude and love for Lucky Se7en with only 1 sentence..” At the same time, there were many comments on the cafe saying “I’m really sad after watching the show”, “I’ve been waiting for the comeback for so long, it seems that he doesnt care about us anymore” and “Talk about Park Han Byul took up 17 minutes but talk about lucky se7en was only 7 seconds.”

To these posts, Se7en also wrote in his message “Although I can’t ask for the understanding from everyone, person by person, I’m going to try to lift the burden off my heart a little”, comforting fans. (For the full msg, click here.)

Se7en grew up in a well off and loving family environment as the youngest son. From the encouragement he received from his parents to become a singer and the love he has received from YG representative Yang Hyun Suk, Se7en has become one of the representative figures of Korean solo male artists. He climbed up to the top from the bottom and in the process, has also become a frank, honest and sincere person with the right way of thinking. Through this show, he has shown not only his attractiveness as a singer but as a person as well.

Compiled and translated by Cecilia//Se7en Blog

Original news sources – Osen, Now News, Farineli daum cafe

Below is the full segment on Golden Fishery with English subs

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