On April 25, Se7en will release a new Japanese single “Love Again.” Along with the new CD, Japanese fans will also have the chance to buy a special CD with a ticket to a live event! The event is “SE7EN New Single Showcase” and will be held in four Japanese cities throughout May. Two shows in Tokyo (May 5, afternoon and evening shows), two shows in Osaka (May 12, afternoon and evening shows), and one show each in Nagoya (May 6) and Fukuoka (May 5).

The special CD/event ticket combo contains Se7en’s newest single and one ticket for the event. By going to Mu-Mo, fans can preorder the CD/event ticket and choose the city and date they wish to attend. The price is 7,700 yen and there’s a limit of 30 CD/event tickets per person.

However, you must register at Mu-Mo to be eligible to buy the CD/event ticket combo, the special CD is not sold through YG‘s official Japanese site. If you’d like to try to get your hands on the CD, the link is here (no English). Se7en’s going to be quite busy in May, are you guys looking forward to his new single?