On August 14th, Se7en tweeted a pre-debut photo of himself from 10 years ago!

Dressed in a gold necklace, large Sean John sweater, and a hat from his huge collection, we see Se7en from his trainee days in YG Entertainment. The artist wrote, “Here’s a photo from 10 years ago that I happened to find!! Dongwookie in primary school before becoming Se7en^^ Haha that guy looks pretty smart!! I was hiphop there.. keke

By estimation, the photo was taken two years before Se7en’s debut in 2003. The young teenager in the photo grew up become a superstar in Korea and Japan, and became involved in the US market as well. While his fame has evolved, one thing has not changed: his signature pose! Even 10 years later, Se7en continues to flash his favorite pose in selcas and photos. Check it out below!

With Korean balladeer, Tim Hwang

Backstage with Taeyang

Meeting R&B songwriter, Musiq Soulchild

Eating with Rain at his chicken restaurant

cr: Cecilia’s Se7en blog (translation)